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I’m the owner of Pink Pineapple Smart Media. Welcome from Havre de Grace, Maryland.  We are a small business that specializes in Personalized Video Marketing, but we do a lot more than Video.  We develop and curate cutting edge software designed to get your business more paying customers.  We do this by engaging them, entertaining them, and personalizing their experience with your company.  Now more than ever you need to connect with your customers and establish trust to forge a long lasting relationship. 

So why the name Pink Pineapple?  Usually, that’s the second question I get when introducing my business to a new client.  The first is Do Pink Pineapples really exist? The answer is yes.  If you want to see the science behind the Pink Pineapple. Click the Pineapple. 

Here’s the deal I think Del-Monte needed to come up with something fresh and new to get the market excited so the powers that be put their heads together and came up with the Pink Pineapple, an extra sweet bright-colored attraction for the food market.  What’s important here is what the Pink Pineapple means to me and my business and that is that the Pink Pineapple celebrates something unique, different, and special.  We are all Pink Pineapples.  You can find a golden pineapple just about at any market,  just like there are tons of video makers that can make you videos that don’t let you stand out from your competition, but the videos we create are unique and special and different and deliver the results you’re looking for. You probably have not seen anything like this before or if you have it was far out of reach. As I said Pink Pineapple is a small company but we have the right people to get the job done.  We want your business.  

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“Our mission is simple. Provide you with the most cutting edge innovative products to solve your marketing problems to help you get more paying customers.”

“Not every story has a video but every video has a story” Kathy Bittner
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